Turkeys have become thrilling forms of hunting at present. The birds are difficult to track, but they are most attractive. Like other challenging hunting, turkey doesn’t need so much protection facilities. Hunters can casually prepare for their turkey hunting trip. In this conversation, we try to discuss how to start turkey hunting as a beginner. Most of the beginner level turkey hunters become frustrated because of their wrong technique and lack of knowledge. So, if you are excited about your first turkey hunting then read our following turkey hunting tips and tricks –

Experience is Important

Hunting is an activity where experience plays a vital role in hunter success chance. Though you are a new turkey hunter, you should ask help from well-experienced turkey hunters. So, first of all, if possible, find a friend or a well-known person who can help you as a guide. This a perfect opportunity to follow the steps of a successful turkey hunter. How they get to prepare for the hunting and what you should carry with you everything you can learn from them. Therefore, fix a schedule with one of your friends and call him to hunt in your area.

Choose Ideal Time for Hunting

Hunting different animals have an ideal time. If you catch the time, your success rate will high. You can hunt turkeys at mid-morning, but the perfect time for turkey hunting is early in the morning. So, you have to get ready and place your position before the sun rising. Hunters how love to sleep, please don’t even try for turkey hunting! It is a bonus tip! When the horizon of the sky becomes reddish, try to set your hunting position and get ready to shoot. This is one of a fall turkey hunting tips. Time always plays a vital role in every successful hunting. So, try to follow evening turkey hunting tips, early season turkey hunting tips, afternoon turkey hunting tips etc.

Turkey Calling: Most important tip

For a beginner turkey hunter, the most challenging part is learning how to call a turkey correctly. There are different methods of calling turkey famous around the turkey hunters. As a beginner, you can learn turkey calling from various recordings. Observe the record and try to mimic it with your mouth. The box call method will be helpful for you. This method is more comfortable than other methods for a newbie. You can also push-button call technique. 

Most of the expert turkey hunters use the mouth for calling turkeys. Practice making a sweet and soft yelp-yelp sound like a turkey. Don’t over calling a turkey that will do the reverse reaction. Turkeys will do not come towards you, and they become confused. So, do not confuse the turkey and follow the expert’s suggestion.

Hide Yourself

Like elk hunting hiding humans, the smell is not so necessary for turkey hunting. But covering your full body is essential for turkey hunting. Camouflage clothing is the ideal cloth for any hunting to cover yourself. Camouflage patterns can quickly get a match with the wild environment. What colors should a safe hunter avoid wearing when hunting for wild turkey? Some of our friends ask this question severel time. As we told before, camouflage color is the best. Thus it will help you to hide completely. Not only your body but also you must conceal your hand and face. Choosing a hand glove is quite tricky. A select glove that is not slippery. Choose hand gloves that have a handgrip. Because holding a gun actively is essential for hunting. So, well, drees yourself before going for your turkey hunting. Avoiding unwanted situation, you should follow the expert’s suggestion.


For successful turkey hunting, using traps is a plus point. But if you want, you can hunt turkey without using any trap. From many experienced hunters, we collect their suggestions, and they also use a trap. In the picking season, a hen trap will work well for jealous of the turkey and come towards you. 

At the end of the turkey season, they are so much desperate to mate with a partner. They seek for their partner and easily come towards your trap. So, make some handsome investment behind making the trap. Feather systems work well for hunting turkey. 

Select your target

When you go for hunting turkey and set your position to get the best shot. In the picking season, there are must come some of the turkeys near your area. The tricky part is that choose the perfect target for you. Because if you want the difficult one, you will miss the shot defiantly. So, carefully select your target. Another criterion is the gender of the turkey. The female turkeys are dull in color and less attractive than male turkeys. Male turkeys are plentiful, and the feathers are so much colorful. The head of the male turkey is a combination of red, blue, and white. Mature turkey has the full length of tail, but a smaller one has a short tail. Considering all the features, you should try to choose a big and healthy one for the shoot. But keep in mind that you want that turkey that gives you the 100% opportunity to get success. 

Hunting Equipment

Choosing the right kind of firearms is a part of successful hunting. Which shotgun choke is best for hunting a large, slow bird, such as a turkey? Most commonly, turkey hunters use 20 gauge shotguns. This a stander choice for a beginner. Terror Choke is also a good option for turkey hunters. If you want, you can use rifle scope for turkey hunting, but if you have no, then avoided it. Open sights are well enough for turkey hunting. In the case of the rifle, you can pick the .223/.243 model of rifle. But make sure that there is permission for using a gun in your hunting area. 

After Shooting

Take focus and target on a turkey shot as early as possible. Don’t stop shooting after just one. When the turkey falls on the ground, sprint there and tag immediately. If you are not attempting to run as early as possible, the turkey will run. Take some photos because this is simply a gorgeous looking turkey in front of you. You cannot have any chance to get pictures from that closer distance. For a beginner, this will must be the best moment for his/her life.

Hunting Spot Selection

This issue is an essential point for any hunting to select a hunting spot. If you don’t care about this point, then all the preparation will mess up! Before going to hunt turkey, do some research and find out which one is the best spot near you. This one decision will make your day exciting and successful.

So, we hope the above tips on turkey hunting will help you to make a successful turkey hunting trip. Follow the expert’s opinion and keep hunting safely.

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Enjoy your hunting time!

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